Sunday, May 20, 2018

Even more Superior Street reconstruction

I wonder why the old concrete retaining wall is being replaced with a new one, west of the Gateway Tower.

I didn’t know the concrete foundations for street lights were built that deep into the ground.

On Superior Street, the old phone kiosk is now gone.

All that is left of that old phone kiosk is a short stump of concrete in the sidewalk.

The hole is dug, the new pipes are put in, and then the hole is filled up.

That excavating backhoe allows one adult, human being to do the same amount of work than a hundred workers with hand tools are able to do.

This information kiosk is on West First Street and near Fourth Avenue West.

This is an interesting way to reuse an old phone kiosk.

Or, it would be if this kiosk had useful information for pedestrians.  I wish this would be used for a better purpose than for a place to be tagged for street graffiti.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

“Game Food Night” at King Manor

Yesterday, I found this notice for the “Game Food Night” posted on my front door.

Our pizza has arrived at King Manor at 3:15 PM.

This is pizza that I ate today.

This is ice cream that I ate today.

Duluth’s Twelve Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Church is having a Gyro Sale on this Saturday 19, 2018!

The Greek Orthodox Church address is 632 East Second Street, Duluth MN 55805.

This sale sign is posted next to the corner of East Second Street and North Seventh Avenue East.

This is the North Seventh Avenue East entrance to the church.

This is my tasty Gyro sandwich and cold drink.

These are two very happy Build-A-Bear Workshop® customers with their furry friends.

You will be correct to think that this is a photo of a happy brony with his Princess Twilight Sparkle and a happy pegasister with her Songbird Serenade.

While Kathy and I can’t afford to buy furry friends very often, we did we have a great time building our new furry friends.  When you have the time and the money, you should buy one Build-A-Bear Workshop® furry friend for yourself and another as a gift to someone special to you.

What our two Build-A-Bear Workshop® furry friends look like when complete.

May I present for the very first time, Princess Twilight Sparkle and Songbird Serenade. You should buy two of each of these furry friends, a Princess Twilight Sparkle and Songbird Serenade for yourself and a Princess Twilight Sparkle and Songbird Serenade as gifts.

My friend Kathy bought me my first Build-A-Bear Workshop® furry friend

Up until now, all my ponies that I bought from Build-A-Bear Workshop® were gifts to Kathy or Mason.

I buy many of my plush My Little Pony:  Friendship is Magic ponies at Build-A-Bear Workshop®.  And, you should as well, for yourself and for gifts as everyone I know loves these plush ponies.

I admit that my friends are correct when they tell me that every year I look more and more similar to my farther.

In addition, my doctor is correct when he tells me that I need to work off a few pounds of body fat.

My Princess Twilight Sparkle furry friend is almost ready to be fitted with a SCENTiments® scented disc, a Heart-Shaped Heartbeat Effect, and then sewed up, as well as dressed up in a very adorable and cute princess costume.