Monday, October 21, 2013

Mystery Poster

This “mystery poster” was created by my friend Howard Hendrickson.  Please examine it for hidden clues before reading further.


According to Howard, the Duluth map represents the setting of my web comic.

The superimposed unicorn represents the unicorn ponies and is an iconic tie to the WASS story.

The poster proposes an alternative history where intelligent cabs were manufactured in the first decade of the 1900’s.  This was many decades before the “Magical Cab Awakening” happened in the cannon comic.  The poster is for an early incarnation for the Choleric Coach Company.  Choleric is an anachronistic word for ill-tempered.

In the lower right you can find an invitation for me to come to Duluth to experience this coach company’s automated driven coaches - known for their distinctive, if foul tempered artificial intelligence.  This also supposes that I was born in the 1880’s, have automobile mechanics skills, while living in another city, such as Chicago, Illinois.

This invitation is from my friend Nikola Tesla who invented intelligent cab technology.  Only Nikola Tesla and a few trusted scientists who work for him understand the mechanism that creates intelligent cab technology.

In the upper left, if you look you will find a message in Morse code.  If Howard got it right, it is a happy anniversary message for my comic.

This poster opens up possibilities for an alternative universe, where angry cabs were manufactured in a steam punk universe, instead of created by an unknown force that made ordinary cabs into intelligent beings.

I thank Howard for this poster.  It was not what I expected, but I’m thankful for his artwork and the ideas expressed within it.

Note:  The cab in the cannon story only becomes angry when Abigail Adams’s family that feared and hated intelligent cabs sent him from New York City to Duluth, Minnesota.

Note:  Some of my readers have asked me if intelligent cabs can drive themselves, why these cabs need human drivers in the first place.  Because, that is the way I wrote the story.  I suppose that intelligent cabs need human drivers to interact with other humans, such as helping people and their luggage into and out of the cab, collecting fares, filling out tax forms, and so on.

Note:  “Washington's Army of Sorcerers and Sorceresses” (WASS) was created on April 19, 1775 by George Washington.  Working in secret, WASS Sorcerers and Sorceresses made great contributions to defend America.

For example, in 1776 they summoned storms and then a fog that made possible Washington’s retreat across the East River.

During the British attack on the city of Washington in 1814, WASS Sorcerers and Sorceresses summoned a severe thunderstorm and a tornado that helped to extinguish the fires set by British soldiers, while persuading them to evacuate the city.

Note:  In this world, most people are aware that magic exists and most use minor magical artifacts.  Yet, few know how common it is or how to control it to their advantage.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Two Twilights

These two Twilight Sparkles watch over me eight feet from my writing chair.  Yes, I measured the distance with a metal tape measure.  I suppose that attraction to detail, which most people would not take to the time to consider let alone do, is what makes me and my fictional counterpart Twilight so adorkable.