Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pony dreams

The sun was setting during late evening.  Jim’s friend Kathy stood in Jim’s living room.  She surveyed the room’s many My Little Pony merchandise collection before looking down at the palomino coated, unicorn stallion pony sitting like a human in an armchair.  The pony looked down at his fore hooves, a hand towel draped on them.  The only noise in the room was the pony’s low sobs, followed by the pony’s awkward attempt to blow his nose into his hand towel.

With an almost imperceptible frown of her lips, Kathy said, “Jim, didn't you know that you are what you eat and become what you think?”

With his hand towel, the pony wiped tears from the checks of his sad face.  With a dejected voice, Jim said, “I know, but I didn't think that would literally happen.  I didn't think that if I spent too much time thinking about ponies that I’d become a pony.”

Kathy patted Jim’s large head and then stroked his long flaxen mane, resisting a sudden urge to brush it and then braid it with colorful ribbons.  “Don’t worry; in elementary school my daughter Megan wore the body of a Pegasus pony for seven days before she turned back into a human.”

Kathy then added, “As these human to pony and pony to human transformations only happen when someone is sleeping, there was no chance that my daughter would transform back into a human in the middle of class.”

Jim gave Kathy a worried look.  “How am I supposed to write with hooves?”

“Today, don’t worry about writing.  Just enjoy your time as a pony, as you can always write after you turn back into a human with hands.  If you must write, use your horn magic or use voice to text software.”