Sunday, October 28, 2012

Magical Cab Awakening Page, Final Draft

Deleting the sixth panel makes this story and the layout a bit stronger.  After all, Angry Cab is the comic’s main character.
I designed this page to humanize Angry Cab and make it a more sympathetic character.  For your information, Angry Cab has no gender and speaks with an androgynous voice.  This has not stopped Abigail Adams from considering Angry Cab as masculine, a mistaken belief that will come into play in the next chapter.

Magical Cab Awakening Page, First Draft

Larry didn’t like the sixth panel of this comic, who believed it was too negative for this fantasy comedy story.  So, I remade the last two panels.  I posted the first version of this page to show you how my comic changes during editing.

Angry Cab makes a phone call

Howard Hendrickson designed this page layout and wrote most of the script.  After editing Howard’s script, this page was one of the easier pages to create, with two backgrounds to post.  After an hour of work, I redid the last panel as the original background was pixilated to the point of illegibility.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Larry's Cafe as seen by:

This is my favorite page of the first chapter.  Larry Hunt was also pleased with the self-defecating humor presented in this page.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Angry Cab finds Duluth’s forgotten subway

This page was designed to move the story forward to the next page.  Thus, this is my first story page, instead of an advertisement page.
The use of magic is an accepted part of every life for the people of this fictional Earth.  Angry cab was able to purchase a used crystal ball at Goodwill.
Duluth’s Second Street Subway was inspired by New York City’s real world Second Avenue Subway (SAS).

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Angry Cab’s introduction page

My first attempt at combining an advertisement with an ongoing story was a success.  Larry Hunt distributed thirty copies of this ad in our apartment and to nearby apartments.  I was also praised by my fellow apartment tenants.
Larry got a message on his phone from someone who described himself as a Duluth cab driver.  This cab driver said that he was angry at Larry for suggesting that cab drivers are all dishonest and greedy.  Never mind the fact this page is about an angry cab, not an angry cab driver.  Larry never returned that phone call and we still wonder if the caller was serious or was joking.
No matter what you create, there will always be someone who will criticize your efforts.  I say that you should politely ignore your critics, while creating what you and others will love.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Beth Anderson’s L.I.F.E. Advertisement

This is the second comic page that I’ve created using ComiPo!  Beth Anderson liked being depicted as a comic book character.
Beth’s company boss saw the comic posted in the lobby of the Duluth office and then praised it as an effective ad for her class during a company telecommunications meeting.  In addition, Beth’s boss thought that she had made the comic.  Beth told him that I had made her advertisement comic for her.

King Manor Café Advertisement

This is the first comic page that I’ve created using ComiPo!  Intended as a store ad, I created this page in November 2011 without thought that it would be the seed idea for my first illustrated novel.  For a first attempt at creating a comic, I think I created an effective advertisement.  I would like to thank Bruce Sheffer for his advice that improved my comic.