Thursday, April 4, 2013

King Manor Café; Your 5th Floor Grocery Store

This is an excellent page to use the photographs I took when Larry Hunt closed his store.  It pays the comic artist to take pictures of special events, as you never know when you may need these for background locations.

I felt depressed when my friend Larry closed his store.  But, I’m sure that his next business will do even better.

My friends told me that they like the lower left panel, with the reflection of Larry’s store and the fifth floor commons area, superimposed upon the Tri-Towers Apartments.  One advantage of using a real city in my web comic is that residents of the Twin Ports can identify with the locations, as well as promote tourism to my home city.

Favorite pony:  Fluttershy

Favorite Fluttershy song:  So Many Wonders

Favorite Fluttershy episode, based on the first three seasons:  Dragonshy

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