Wednesday, May 15, 2013

You look like a Star Fleet Captain

The first conservation between Larry and James depicted on this page was inspired by a real-world conservation I had with my friend James McManus.  He was sitting back in his office chair when I thought he looked like Captain Kirk sitting in his command chair, watching his subordinates do all the real work.

So, I said to him, “You look like a Star Fleet Captain”.  Mr. McManus was amused.

And, if I ever get rich from my talents, I’m going to buy my friend a copy of Kirk's command chair.  I think that Mr. McManus would look cute and cool sitting on it.

I apologize to my fans that I used the same figure posture for the character models in the first four panels.  The blame rests on Comipo’s rather limited posture set for sitting on a chair; the other posture figures had one or both arms resting on school desks and that would appear strange in my panels.

The second conservation between Abigail and Hayate was inspired by my love for the animated series, Girls und Panzer, which is far more entertaining than the silly premise sounds.  For the record, Abigail Adams is a fan of that series.

I hope that someday, someone will make a series that combines “My Little Pony” and “Girls und Panzer” and call it, Ponies und Panzer.

Note:  The backgrounds for these panels were made with Garry's Mod.  I recommend that anyone interested in animation and digital art learn to use this outstanding program.

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