Sunday, February 9, 2014

Thus, James starts his pony adventure!

My offline readers like my footnotes.  They told me to add these to the end of each following chapter.  Chapter footnotes are an effective way to give the reader information that would be difficult to include within the comic.

What is the reason why I love My Little Pony:  Friendship is Magic?  I’m drawn to stories that feature friendship, inclusion, and tolerance rather than hostility, exclusion, and prejudice.  This is why I love games like D&D that encourage players to create and then run a diversity of fictional characters who have different skills and talents.

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  1. The more I research My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic the more I realize that this show is more than good, it is ingenious. Look at the reason why Princess Luna became Nightmare Moon.

    When the ponies of Equestria slept during the night, they were resting from a long day of work and play. However, in Princess Luna’s young and inexperienced mind, she inferred that their sleeping was a rejection of her night, her abilities as an Equestrian Princess, and in turn was a personal rejection of her as their princess and as a pony.

    Princess Luna becoming Nightmare Moon could have been avoided if Luna had talked to her subjects and worked out a compromise where the ponies would spend one night each month staying awake and celebrating the night and the princess of the night.

    The Princess Luna - Nightmare Moon story became an allegory of the misinterpretations a creative person has when they interpret a rejection of their work as a personal rejection of themselves. That kind of insight, portrayed within the context of a television series, is ingenious.