Friday, September 16, 2016

Why I’m proud I earned my Eagle Scout award!

     A relative that I respect has given me advice for rewriting my resume.  I have taken this person’s advice with the exception of taking out my reference to my Eagle Scout award.

     First, this is an award that is the equivalent to a two-year college degree.  Youthful boys learn many worthwhile skills, learn to deal with many people, and partake in many scouting events on their way to earning this award.

     Second, one out of one hundred boys that enter scouting earn the Eagle Scout award or a graduation rate of one percent.  In contrast to this, the United States Army Ranger School has a graduation rate of around fifty percent.

     Third, while the Eagle Scout is both an award and an achievement; it is a testament to my character as a person.  That is why earning an Eagle Scout award is such a major asset to my resume.

     Eagle Scout and Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates had this to say about scouting.

     And those are the reasons why I’m proud to keep my Eagle Scout award on my resume until the day that I retire from my working life.

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