Monday, March 20, 2017

My post for the March equinox and Starlight Glimmer day

Here are the reasons why I became a fan of My Little Pony:  Friendship is Magic.

I have always loved unicorns, seeing them as a symbol of beauty, freedom, and strength.  Apparently, other people do as well, considering how popular unicorns have been for many centuries.  I loved children’s stories that feature unicorns such as “The Last Unicorn”, the winged unicorn Pegasus also known as Helios from Sailor Moon SuperS, as well as more adult stories such as “Ariel: A Book of the Change”.  I had also collected their images years before the debut of Friendship is Magic.

During one summer night when I was about ten years old, I dreamed that I was walking in a neighbor’s backyard.  I then realized that I had a white muzzle.  I looked down to my feet and saw that I was walking on white horse legs and hooves upon the green lawn.  A long, white mane fell to the base of my shoulder blades.  I said to myself, “cool” with happy, yet mild enthusiasm.  I looked up and saw a twelve inch long white horn was attached to my forehead.  I repeated saying “cool” with equally mild enthusiasm.  Then, I woke up, disappointed that I was still a human being.  Therefore, by the time I became an adult I was already predisposed to like unicorns as story protagonists.  It is no surprise that I’d love the unicorn Twilight Sparkle from Friendship is Magic as well as Littlepip from Fallout Equestria.

But, you ask me if so many other stories feature unicorn characters; why I am so interested in Friendship is Magic?  This series leading protagonist is a unicorn named Twilight Sparkle.  She appeals to me because we both have similar personalities, with almost the same virtues and flaws.  As the main viewpoint character, Twilight became my audience surrogate, a character who the audience, in this case me, doesn't just sympathize with, but actively see myself as.  In fact, on my headstone I’d love to have this written, “Here lies James Patrick Buchanan, the real world Twilight Sparkle.”

Stay Earth pony strong, Pegasus pony swift, and Unicorn pony smart.

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