Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Second Street Sinkhole Surprise

The first two panels depict the Duluth, Minnesota Flood of 2012.

I thought I could incorporate this once in a lifetime, I hope, flood event into my comic.  I never thought that I’d see miniature waterfalls in my apartment’s parking lot, but I did.

The last two pictures I made with a 3-D graphic program.

For the third panel, I made a bowl-shaped brush in the floor and then textured a photo of a sinkhole onto that brush.  Thus, that sinkhole appears three dimensional with the characters and floor.

I’ve noticed that when two dimensional photographs are projected onto a flat screen as background images and then photographed again, these background images appear flat, especially when you have 3-D persons or objects in the foreground.  I’ve noticed that happen when playing computer games, seeing movies, or watching television.

The fourth panel shows a Fringe gate with the rainbow effect on, from the Fringeworthy role-playing game.  That means that all three of my main characters are Fringeworthy and can use it to transit to their world’s prime platform.

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  1. What a fun blend of photos and comix characters, James.