Thursday, January 23, 2014

Level Three

Due to offline readers’ requests, I’m using these pages to explain what is happening in my fictional universe.  Granted that these explanations, such as the WASS gift shop operating within an abandoned smoking lounge, makes sense to my mind.  If you have any questions about my comic, feel free to post these as a comment.
In part, I’m making this comic to showcase to potential employers that I can learn how to use a number of different software programs.

I’m pleased that many people tell me that they find my comic entertaining, considering that it started out as an advertisement.

I’m still reading Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons.

So far, my favorite character is the dark blue, winged unicorn named Lacunae.  Of all the main characters, I can most relate to Lacunae’s social awkwardness and quiet personality.  I’m hoping that a skilled 3D modeler would make a Garry's Mod ragdoll based on Lacunae, her black lace dress, and her Gatling gun weapon.

My second favorite character is Scotch Tape.  I can sympathize with her quest to find her cutie mark, her special talent.  Scotch’s fears of getting an undesirable cutie mark and her earning an awesome one instead is by itself a good reason to read this novel.

My third favorite is Pain Train, a Minotaur with an attitude.  The epic battle between Blackjack and Pain Train is fun to read.

A warning to any prospective reader:  This novel is even darker that the original Fallout: Equestria.

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