Friday, January 31, 2014

Three observations

First, I would have liked to have expanded on Larry’s flight training.  But, my test static shots of fictional Larry flying in the sky with his Pegasi posse and having hard landings were neither that exciting nor informative to the reader.

If I can ever get Source Filmmaker to work on my computer, I’ll attempt making a short movie based on Larry’s flight training.  Anyone know of any public domain music that would be a good fit for this?

Second, for the top right panel shot of Larry flying alongside the mirror, I put a platform next to the mirror.  Then, I put Larry’s ragdoll on the platform, and posed it, keeping his back straight.  Keeping the ragdoll’s back straight, while in the air was next to impossible for me to do.

Then, I removed the platform with the physics gun and put the platform off camera.  I could have made it invisible with the tool gun or deleted it with the delete tool.

Third, I intend to keep my comic family friendly.  I consider it a challenge to keep my story suitable for children, while keeping adults entertained.  My Little PonyFriendship Is Magic writers are able to do this and I intend to do the same.

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