Monday, July 22, 2013

Is this the start of a romantic comedy?

This chapter concludes with an unexpected budding romance between Larry the Pegasus stallion and Fluttershy the Pegasus Mare.

Real Larry’s reaction to this comic page is “Cool! A romantic comedy?”

In the first two panels, Larry is steadying himself with his left hoof while sitting on the sofa.  The reason is that Larry is not accustomed to sitting down on his pony rump.  Also, the ragdoll was too big and cumbersome to fit into Larry’s high back chair.

One of the most talked about criticisms of web comics is that they have too many chatty explanations and there is not enough action.  I hope that my comic has the correct balance of talk and action.

So far, fictional Larry started this comic as a human shopkeeper and is now a Pegasus stallion and secret agent.  Just imagine the possibilities for adventures when Larry starts his flight training in Cloudsdale and his friendship with Fluttershy.

A few of my fans have asked me the reason why the title character, “Angry Cab” is a secondary character in his comic.  I need to rework the character and redefine Angry Cab’s relationship with Abigail Adams.  What I will not do is use overused, dumb and sexist clich├ęs, such as “break the cutie” or the “damsel in distress” plot devices.

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