Tuesday, July 16, 2013

“Larry gets some shocking news!”

This conservation takes place in one of the WASS base hospital patient rooms.  The point of view is Larry looking at Twilight Sparkle and Nurse Redheart.  I find creating images from the point of view of one the characters to be a bit harder to do well than third person point of view images.

Will fictional Larry be using Mane and Tail shampoo and conditioner from now on?

Trixie is looking after the artifact, making sure that no other human becomes “ponified by accident”.

My text describes my ponies’ origin story and my reasons why pony society is so similar to human society on this fictional Earth.  For some reason, I like the idea of the magical ponies evolving from broadminded and magical humans.

It must be my journalism training that motivates me to find out how things come into being the way they did.  I would like to see the My Little Pony writers explore why pony society and the human society described in the movie “My Little Pony:  Equestria Girls” are so similar in future television episodes or comic books.

I've seen the movie “My Little Pony:  Equestria Girls” and loved it.  This movie was better than I expected it to be and recommend it for fans who want to see these established characters in a new world.  To my surprise, no one walked out of the theater when the credits were rolling, perhaps to see a neat cameo appearance by Derpy Hooves holding a muffin.

My Little Pony:  Friendship is Magic (favorite character Twilight Sparkle) is a rare series that I've invested my time, money, and energy into.  The last time I was this invested in a television series at this level of intensity was Sailor Moon (favorite character Sailor Jupiter).

I’m aware that this is a text heavy page; yet what law of comic book design decrees that every comic page MUST be filled with illustration frames?  There is no “one true way” to create a comic, as there is no one true way to create any other type of art.

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