Saturday, July 6, 2013

Will Twilight and Trixie be able to save Larry?

The first panel shows Babs Seed and Twilight having a conversation.  It appears that Babs Seed is a gymnast to have made herself into a pony bridge between two turnstile structures.

The second panel shows that ponies can ride motorcycles.  Two (pony sized) helmets are inside the sidecar and unseen.

The third and fourth panels show the “Great and Powerful” Trixie relaxing beside a swimming lake in the ponies’ home world.  These panels also show that the ponies can move from their world to ours and back again with ease.

The fifth and sixth panels show James Buchanan and Hayate Anderson running in a hurry to the central command station.  I would imagine that it would be unfortunate if a strong enemy were to attack in the next few days, when their most experienced WASS agent is in the hospital.

What is that artifact, who built it, and why is it so powerful that reading an inscription can trigger it?  Keep reading my Angry Cab Comic and you will find out.

P.S.  If I ever have three daughters, it would be cute if their first names were inspired by My Little PonyFriendship is Magic characters.  My first daughter will be named Twilight, the second daughter will be named Luna, and the third
daughter will be named Trixie.

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