Saturday, April 23, 2016

Ponies Unexpected: Chapter Fourteen

Chapter 14:  Bad vibes at the shopping arcade Unexpected

The next day finds Rainbow and Fluttershy walking within a glass roofed, shopping arcade.  The stores are filled with merchandise, some familiar and some alien to the two pony friends.

The trouble started with Chitchat Grapevine a young unicorn mare with a shiny tin colored coat with a polished pewter mane and tail, with the portraits of two ponies talking for a cutie mark.  Chitchat takes a secret digital photo of them with her PDA and then sends it to her friends.  Chitchat’s friends send the digital photo to their friends who rush over to the arcade.  Soon, a pony flash mob surrounds Rainbow Dash, but ignores Fluttershy.

Chitchat points at Rainbow with her hoof while telling her friends, “That’s the hero that gave us all those Pegasus treasures from the abandoned cloud city to us ground ponies.”

In response, Rainbow Dash puts on her favorite pair of sunglasses and smiles.  “There’s no need for all of you to get pushy.  There’s a limitless supply of Rainbow Dash awesomeness to satisfy everyone’s needs to meet Equestria’s greatest flyer.”

On the edge of the crowd, Fluttershy speaking in a quiet voice said, “Not to disagree with you or anything, but you know that Spitfire may disagree with you about being the best Pegasus flier.”

Walking around the assembled mob of Dream Valley ponies is a young Earth pony stallion with a polished stainless steel coat and a metallic red mane and trail, with a push mower for a cutie mark.  He walks over to Chitchat and then asks, “Chitchat, Rainbow is mobbed by other ponies.  What about talking to the yellow Pegasus?”

Chitchat replies, “Lawn Care, don’t pay any attention to Fluttershy.  According to my friends’ online blogs that I’ve read so far, the yellow mare is more of an Earth Pony who happens to have wings, than she is a real Pegasus.”

Understandably, Fluttershy was a bit miffed at being described as not being a real Pegasus.  Fluttershy said to herself with a cute, yet angry face, “I’m not as good at flying as my friend Rainbow.  But, I’m still a real Pegasus.”

Fluttershy flies over to hover above Rainbow Dash, and then says “Rainbow, we’re leaving!”

Fluttershy scoops a surprised Rainbow up in her four hooves.  Fulttershy flies upward and then down the wide arcade hall.  The Dream Valley ponies give chance down the hall, but they give up when Fluttershy, still carrying Rainbow in her hooves escapes out an open window.

An exacerbated Rainbow asks, “Fluttershy, why did you carry me away from my fans?”

“Some of those ponies are mean, and those mean ponies said that I wasn’t a real Pegasus.”

With a surprised look on her face, Rainbow said, “Well then, I don’t want to be around those Dream Valley ponies if a few of these said bad things about you.  Come to think of it, even Twilight does not get as much attention for being a princess in Ponyville, than Fluttershy and I get from these glossy coated and air-headed Dream Valley ponies.  Let’s fly over to the market and see if there are Dream Valley novels that are similar to the Daring Do novels.”

My Little Pony:  Friendship is Magic, Copyright © 2010 Lauren Faust, Hasbro Studios, and DHX Media

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