Friday, April 15, 2016

Ponies Unexpected: Chapter Six

Chapter 6:  Pony Convention Unexpected

One week later, Unity City’s Catlinite Red Convention Center was swarming with Dream Valley ponies, eager to met Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy.  The wide steps are covered with Earth and Unicorn ponies, some of them are wearing shirts with images printed on them of Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, while others are wearing full body costumes of Rainbow and Fluttershy.  Some native ponies are carrying plush dolls of Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy.  A sign tells the visiting ponies that tomorrow will be a meet-and-greet with the Wonderbolts.

Inside the convention center’s main hall, Earth and Unicorn ponies cheer as Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, who is hiding behind Rainbow walk onto the stage.  Walking beside them is Ceremonies Mare who has a shiny chrome coat, with a strawberry mane and tail with light and dark streaks, with a microphone cutie mark.  Ceremonies Mare walks up to a pony-sized, speaking podium.

The chrome mare starts speaking into the podium’s microphone, “My name is Ceremonies Mare and I welcome each of you to the first Pegasus Con.  We hope Pegasus Con will be an annual celebration of the unexpected return of Pegasus ponies to the skies of our homeland.  Miss Fluttershy, would you like to greet all the convention ponies?”

Fluttershy’s legs tremble like the vibrating strings of Octavia Melody's Cello as she walks up to the podium, while Ceremonies sidesteps, allowing Fluttershy access to the podium.

Closing her eyes in fear, Fluttershy speaks.  “My name is Fluttershy, and I’m … really and honestly honored to be with you today.  In Equestria, I’m one of many thousands of Pegasus ponies, some of which, well most of which are far better fliers than I am.  So, why don’t you listen to my friend Rainbow Dash?  She’s much better at public speaking that I am.”

Rainbow rushes up to the podium, pushing Fluttershy into Ceremonies and almost knocks both mares over.

A very excited Rainbow Dash exclaims, “A good morning to all of you, Dream Valley Earth and Unicorn ponies.  I’m the one and only, Rain-bow Da-sh!  Remember this day well, so you will be able to tell your grand-fillies and grand-colts that you met the best flier in all of Equestria and a member of the world famous Wonderbolts!”  Rainbow rises off the ground, slowly fluttering her wings as the crowd gasps in amazement.

Rainbow adds, “I have no idea how you Dream Valley ponies were able to organize a three day con in three days, but color me impressed!”  Rainbow hovers about ten feet in the air, as the crowd shouts out thunderous cheers.  The flashbulbs of photographer cameras make interesting patterns of light on Rainbow’s blue body.  Rainbow is grinning while she drinks in the crowd’s attention.

Some stallion in the back of the crowd shouts, “Fork over the money, Nova that there Rainbow Dash is a real Pegasus!”

A mare shouts back, “I don’t know about that Philippe.  Rainbow’s wings could be faked with Unicorn Magic.”

The first stallion shouts back, “There is no glow around her wings, a telltale sign if a Unicorn were using their magic to make her fly.  Thus, her wings must be real.  I can’t believe it!  Wow!  A real Pegasus pony has returned to Dream Valley!”  The pony audience erupts with cheering, laughter, and hoof stomping.

While covering her ears with her hooves, Fluttershy mutters, “Even my princesses don’t get such boisterous cheering from my fellow ponies when the royal sisters make an appearance.  I think I’m going to have a long day.”

It was a long day for Fluttershy, as the Dream Valley ponies dragged her unhappy self and a happy Rainbow Dash from one crowded event to another crowded event.  Late in the day, as the stars appeared in the night sky and the convention centers outside lights provided illumination for the happy convention ponies to return home.  Automated doors opened to allow Rainbow and Fluttershy, pulling art deco inspired carts full of Rainbow Dash inspired blankets, calendars, costumes, banners, shirts, and figurines.

Rainbow:  “Do you think we bought enough Rainbow Dash merchandise?  The dealer's room is still open for anther forty-nine minutes.”

Fluttershy:  “You bought at least two of everything on sale and even attempted to buy things that were not for sale.”

Rainbow looks over her shoulder and blushes.  Rainbow then said, “Well, I thought that I’d buy some things celebrating me for the Canterlot museum and the same things celebrating me for the Ponyville museum.  After all, nopony can get too much Rainbow Dash!”

Fluttershy replied, “Tomorrow, could we do something else?  No matter how nice those fan ponies are, I’d rather not be the center of their attention.  Besides, I think we’ve told them everything we can about us Pegasus ponies, as well as our home of Cloudsdale and Ponyville.”

“So Fluttershy, you don’t feel comfortable spending another day at Pegasus Con?  You don’t want to spend another day talking with all our new Dream Valley friends?”

Fluttershy replied, “That’s right, one day of being the center of attention for so many pones is all that I can take.”

“Panorama described in detail an abandoned Pegasus city located on a mountain peak.  That mare told me that this cloud city is a fifteen minute flight from our airship.  Tomorrow, we can have an adventure all by ourselves without being mobbed by starry-eyed fan ponies.  Do we have a deal?”

Fluttershy:  “Deal!”

Rainbow and Fluttershy smile and then brohoof each other.

My Little Pony:  Friendship is Magic, Copyright © 2010 Lauren Faust, Hasbro Studios, and DHX Media

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