Saturday, April 16, 2016

Ponies Unexpected: Chapter Seven

Chapter 7:  Book buying Unexpected

Stone Mare City is carved into a mountain side and designed to resemble a seated mare.  On the stone mare’s lap is a plaza for an outdoor market built to bear a resemblance to a huge dinner plate.  Today, Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie were rushing from bookstand tent to bookstand bicycle wagon, with Pinkie pulling a pony cart that is filling up with all kinds of books.

After Twilight piles another foreleg load of books into the cart, the cart’s padded harness began to chafe against Pinkie’s coat.  This cart was getting heavy, even for Pinkie, a physically fit Earth pony.  Pinkie asked, “Twilight, have you bought enough books for Cheerilee yet?  Or, can we at least return to our airship and put these books into the cargo hold, before we purchase any more books?”

Twilight stops, turns around to look at Pinkie, and then tells her, “We could exchange our rented pony cart for a rented bicycle wagon.  But, it was you who volunteered to pull our cart.  Anyway, I must tell you that Dream Valley is the greatest place for intellectual ponies.  I could live here forever!  Just think Pinkie!  Can you imagine all the scientific advancements, all the history, all the poetry that was written down in more than one thousand years of isolation from Equestria?  Pinkie, you should know by now that as you can never have enough cupcakes, I can never have enough books.”

Pinkie stops walking, a half smile appears on her face.  Pinkie said to no pony in particular, “I suppose that reading books is Twilight’s sugar rush.  I can totally relate to that.”

Looking around Stone Mare City, Pinkie sees what looks like a thirty foot diameter satellite dish covered in gemstones with a metallic unicorn pony mare standing in the center of the dish.  The pony lights up her horn and the entire dish lights up as well, sending a rainbow into the sky, dissipating part of a thunderhead cloud.

Pinkie almost yelled, “Twilight, do you see that, the Unicorn ponies here control the weather.  As a winged unicorn, you have two ways to control the weather, the Pegasus way and the Unicorn way.”

“Pinkie, controlling the weather would be cool, but do you know what would be even better?”

No Twilight, what would?  I know, I know!  How about buying cake from that cake shop?  Or buying ice cream from that ice cream shop?”

That would be buying more books for Cheerilee’s history project.”

Pinkie responded to Twilight’s remark by groaning and then continues to follow Twilight to the next bookstand in the marketplace.

My Little Pony:  Friendship is Magic, Copyright © 2010 Lauren Faust, Hasbro Studios, and DHX Media

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