Monday, April 25, 2016

Ponies Unexpected: Chapter Sixteen

Chapter 16:  Pony Picnic Unexpected

After several days of intense negotiating, Unexpected Ambassador Twilight and her close friends were enjoying a sumptuous picnic lunch.  The friends sat on a plaid picnic lunch blanket in the Royal Stewart tartan.  These friends are spending the early afternoon in a forested city park.

On the other side of a brick bicycle path, were cute metallic foals.  They were dressed in cute sailor suits and had a great time playing with their toy sailboats in a knee deep, reflecting pool.  The floor and sides of the pool were covered in ceramic tiles.  Two of these foals were Bard, a silver coated colt talking to his friend Cinnamon a copper coated filly.  In a confident voice, Brad told Cinnamon, “When I grow up, I’m going to marry a Pegasus mare.”

Cinnamon replied, “But, will your Pegasus mare move to Dream Valley, or will you move to Equestria?”

“I don’t know.  But, that’s years and years in the future, so why worry about it now?  I have much growing to do before I sail away to Equestria.”

“Speaking of sailing away, you sailboat is sailing away from you.”  Cinnamon pointed with her hoof to Bard’s sailboat that was being pushed with a slight breeze down the reflecting pool.  Lickety-split, Bard was trotting off to retrieve his sailboat, splashing water around his legs, his underbelly, and his sailor tunic.

The young foals didn’t notice Twilight and her friends.

Rarity said, “I do love the illusion spell you cast on us to make us look like metallic ponies.”

Twilight replied, “I didn’t have a choice in creating this illusion spell, or the fan ponies would never leave us alone.”

Twilight had cast an illusion spell to make their dull coats appear shiny metallic and to have Twilight, Rainbow, and Flutter’s feathery wings appear to disappear.

Twilight is using her magic to pour Applejack a cup of tea.  Smiling, Applejack told Twilight, “Oh, that’s ok sugar cube; you don’t have to pour my cup of tea.”

A smiling Twilight responses, “Applejack, we’re friends and neither my wings on my back nor my crown shouldn’t get in the way of me being nice to you.”

“Thanks Twilight, I reckon I can’t turn down a helping hoof from a good friend.”

Rarity then said to her friends, “Have you seen how these Dream Valley ponies fawn over Rainbow, Fluttershy, and the Wonderbolts?  The Dream Valley ponies smother them with attention like Rainbow obsesses over her signed, first edition Daring Do novels.”

Twilight replied, “By working together, we have collected an adequate number of books for Cheerilee’s history project.  We have also gathered a sufficient amount of information to give to Princess Celestia to tell her all about the ponies of Dream Valley and their society.”

Rarity added, “It will be a shame to leave so many dreamy metallic ponies.”  Rarity looks over at a group of muscular Dream Valley stallions and mares lifting weights at an outdoor gymnasium.  “But, I will return home for the sake of my family and for my friends.”

Applejack chimed in by saying, “As much as I’d love to stay and learn more about the art of Dream Valley baking, I’ve got my family’s apple orchard to run and a family to care for.”

Twilight said, “I see that travel is great for expanding your mind and making new friends.  I’ve seen that Dream Valley ponies have taken their society in directions no Equestrian pony has considered.  But, my friends and I have seen that despite all the wonderful ponies, places, and things in our ancestors’ homeland of Dream Valley, we know that our true place beings in Ponyville.  Let’s start packing, as we should leave Dream Valley in three days.”

Rarity looks at Twilight with pleading, puppy dog eyes.

Twilight then amended herself by saying, “Three days?  I meant to say seven days to pack up for our return voyage.  I’ll send a text message to the president’s personal butler Spiffy van Hoosier about our travel plans.  Pinkie Pie, please plan a farewell party for nine in the morning, seven days from now.”

Pinkie replied, “Yes Twilight, you’ll be pleased with my farewell party planning!”

Rarity smiles at Twilight.  Rarity then returns to ogling the metallic coated stallions.

My Little Pony:  Friendship is Magic, Copyright © 2010 Lauren Faust, Hasbro Studios, and DHX Media

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